Spring Green works hard to create smart homes that exceed code requirements without inflating budgets. Our practices reduce waste during the building process, and we offer design ideas that lessen energy consumption in the long term. When appropriate, we incorporate passive solar technology into our work to further reduces energy consumption. The difference is in the details.

We specialize in new construction, additions, and renovations that utilize green materials and technologies. Together, Spring Green and homeowners navigate everything from sub-flooring, to HVAC systems, to hot water heater options looking for the best price at the most efficient rating.

Homeowners can rest assured that they will be able to make healthy, informed decisions with Spring Green’s guidance.

New Construction

We begin with site orientation and the elemental choice of exterior walls, which is known as 'the envelope.' We offer advanced framing, timber frame, conventional modified, SIP infill, and ICF options.

We are also willing to entertain natural building styles if clients come to the table with a strong interest in alternative methods.

Additions & Renovations

We focus on maximizing the energy efficiency of the existing structure, while enhancing the home environment using non-toxic, sustainable materials. With additions and renovations, we choose products that are locally harvested, renewable, or recycled. So, when we do a covered deck, we pick out Applachian hardwoods and softwoods that can be used either as structural or decorative members.

Using local resources highlights the natural beauty found in our mountains, while enhancing the look of your home.

Our Focus is A Healthly Home

We present many options to create healthy indoor air quality within our homes. We make choices based on economics, environment, and society. When you work with us, you will recieve these options when building your home:

  • Site Orientation
  • Solar Pathfinder Assessment
  • Floor Plan Layouts
  • Passive Solar Designs
  • Preplanning Development
  • Load Calculations
  • On Site Lumber Options
  • Radon Mitigation
  • Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors
  • External Wall Options
  • Radiant Floor Heat
  • Energy Efficient HVAC systems
  • Geothermal HVAC systems
  • Local/Renewable Materials
  • Insulation Choices
  • Whole House Insulation
  • Low and No VOC Paints
  • Whole-House Ventilation (HRV/ERV)
  • High Efficiency Water Heaters
  • Local Hardwood Flooring & Trim
  • Healthy Home Air Quality
  • Water Saving Options
  • Wind, PV, and Solar Thermal Hot Water

Call us at (828) 262-3401 to learn more about our work. We specialize in building healthy homes of distinction, and we look forward to working with you.