We learned the hard way about contractors in the NC mountains, for the near overhaul of our entire house in Valle Cay a beautiful residential mountain community in Valle Crucis.  We should have listened to our friend and neighbor who hired Matt Hrenak to essentially build their entire house. They recommended that we hire Matt, after we had already finished a lengthy and exhausting design, bidding and contractor meet and great, which didn’t include Matt because we hadn’t heard of Matt.  Because we were behind schedule and anxious to get started, we ignored their recommendation, and we went with what we thought was the “right” contractor. Bad mistake.  A year later, and after countless frustrations, cost overruns, a lot of baloney, and some impropriety, we fired our “right” contractor.  We swallowed our pride and my wife had me call Matt, and then we waited for Matt to fit us in to his workload, so he could finish our project. The wait was well worth it.  You do get what you pay for, and Matt, his team and his subcontractors were first class.  Matt is a gifted carpenter with his own wonderful ideas to supplement or alter what you think your building, making it better, more beautiful. Matt and his team pay attention to details, even the little things, the things that would aggravate you if left unattended or not finished quite right.  Matt “finishes” things off and you stand back and say, “wow, that looks beautiful, I wouldn’t have thought of that”, or “this looks better than I could ever have imagined”.  Matt sees things or pictures things most contractors don’t, or don’t care too; it’s these unique, often small touches, which put Matt and his team into a special contractor category.  Finally, Matt is nice, respectful, honest, trustworthy, truthful about schedules, and keeps and shares his cost records to support his invoicing.  Without any reservations, my wife and I recommend Matt and his team, you will not be disappointed, but rather pleasantly surprised that his personal touches will make your construction, whatever it is, unique and special.  If Matt wants to show you any of his handiwork at our home, please have him schedule a visit.

Rick and Pam Mortensen
139 Valle View Drive
Valle Cay Community
Completed Late Summer of 2015




We were fortunate to have Matt Hrenak and Spring Green build our home. Matt is a true craftsman with an artistic eye. We chose Matt because we had been planning this home for many years, and we were looking for someone who would build our home with us. One of Matt’s many strengths is really listening to the homeowner’s ideas and finessing their concepts into a charming, unique home.

Spring Green is a small firm, with Matt on site and “hands-on” while construction is taking place.   The Spring Green crew is a pleasure to be around, and its choice of sub-contractors is excellent.  Matt has a particular talent and skill in working with wood, and this is apparent throughout the home.  Every aspect of the trim detail declares that he is a master at his craft.

Spring Green exceeded our expectations for creating a beautiful home within the craftsman style. We heartily recommend Spring Green to anyone seeking to build a sustainable, energy efficient, and beautiful home.

~Dave and Amy Williams
Valle Cay, ACH 0.88
Valle Crucis, NC completed 2015


We looked for years to find the perfect land for our mountain home, so we wanted our house to be just as unique.  We wanted a house that honored the culture of the region.  We wanted a highly energy efficient structure as well. 

All of these were accomplished by building with Spring Green.  Matt drew and perfected the floor plan, adding many details with wonderful surprises like a laundry pass-through from the Master Closet.  Also, he built a poplar bark embedded wainscoting to accent the entire living room area. 

He brought the outside in by building a poplar bark wainscoting that lends continuity throughout the entire living room area. He and his crew incorporated a dormer over the garage for a small kitchen and dining area for the guest suite.  He worked diligently to create and erect our mountain home that we cherish so greatly! 

Not only is the work craftsmen quality but the home is certified with the Energy Star Program!  It is a home that looks and feels like it is "one with the mountains." Now we are in our dream home living in the clouds.

Thanks for all your hard work Matt!

-Randall & Carolyn Henion
Energy Star Certified Home, ACH 1.42
Boone, NC 2012


I have had the pleasure of working with Matt and his Spring Green crew two times. One complete rebuild of the south side, due to insect damage.

While we were at it Matt had some good ideas about reducing our summer solar gain. We gained living space and the active solar greenhouse became a passive solar collector. 
The second project was a fun one for all involved. The exterior became a post modern, industrial craftsman  influenced design. I can heat my house with a toaster oven!!  No, seriously, I mean it.

Thank You Matt!!

-Bob Lamb
Enertia Home Retrofit
Sparta, NC 2013


Bob Lamb's


I just wanted to let you know how warm out house stayed last night despite the single digit temperatures and strong winds - amazing! 

This was the first true test we've had with extremely cold temperatures and strong winds since you completed the remodeling last year.  We were able to keep our wood stove simmering at a very low level which kept the entire house more than warm enough for the last 24-48 hours. 

In fact Sandra had to open up some windows yesterday and this morning - as it actually got too hot in here!  Even the rooms towards the far end of the house upstairs and downstairs, which we keep closed off stayed much warmer than they have in the past - a sign that the crawl space and attic sealing we had done is also contributing to this drastic improvement in overall insulation. 

-Chris & Sandra Aldridge
Whole House Insulation & Total Exterior Renovation, Foscoe, N.C. 2011


We became acquainted with Matt Hrenak in May of 2007, as he was part of the construction team we hired to build our custom home…During construction, photos were sent to structural and civil engineer friends…The positive comments began with “what a great group of builders,” evolved into “craftsmen” and ended with “artisans.” The term artisan accurately describes Matt Hrenak.

Matt had a great rapport with his team, showing a high degree of interpersonal skills; skills that lead to the ability of a team to work collectively yet empower the individual to be innovative.

Matt was directly responsible for many of the unique architectural details of our home. Thinking abstractly, excellence is evident in his work, as his attention to detail is visually apparent. Pride in his craft lead to the creation of a wood storage door that mimicked the timber trusses in the home.

For Matt, the end masterpiece was truly a journey in excellence, not merely just a destination or a means to an end. His loyalty to us and the completion of our home is something we very much appreciated.

-Diana & Peter Poranski
New Home Construction, Valle Crucis, N.C. 2008


Your attention to detail and commitment to making the project one-of-a-kind catch everyone’s attention. I’ve joked with my wife that you are not a builder seeking clients, but an artist seeking benefactors.

In addition, we were especially pleased with your attentiveness to keeping costs down without sacrificing quality. Your transparent accounting continually set our minds at ease even as the plans evolved throughout the course of the project.

If we ever decide to finish the basement (or build another house altogether), we will not hesitate to give you call.

-Scott & Kelly Welsh
Attic Loft Renovation, Boone, NC 2009


To inquire further about project references, referrals or photos, contact Matt at (828) 262-3401 or email him at matt@springgreenbuilding.com. We strive to receive positive referrals every time we do a project. When you decide to go with Spring Green, you receive dedication, delivery and intent to do the best possible job, every time.